Southern California Montane Forest Conservation Strategy

Southern California’s montane forests are “sky islands” of mountain habitat that feature conifers and several oak species.

These forests are facing rapidly intensifying stressors and disturbances that are exacerbated by climate change, increasing wildfire severity, and growing population.

This project is a collective, climate-informed strategy to develop effective solutions to protect Southern California montane forests.

Understanding and protecting montane forests

The goal of this project is three-fold. First, we aim to advance our collective understanding of the vulnerabilities and threats facing these forests. Also, we’re identifying challenges and barriers to protecting montane forests. Third, with these vulnerabilities and challenges in mind, we’re collaboratively identifying opportunities and strategies for increasing forest resilience.

Southern California Montane Forests Project Overview

A collaborative, climate-informed strategy

Our long-term, region-wide, collaborative conservation strategy includes a diverse team of partners and a multi-faceted approach. Key elements of this approach include:

  • Science-based, climate-informed guidance on threats and desired conditions
  • Practitioner perspectives on overcoming barriers to implementation
  • Development of goals and strategies to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities, and to overcome barriers to action
  • All-lands (i.e., all montane forests in the region)
  • Opportunity to develop partnerships and explore joint projects to enhance forest health and resilience
  • Partner and stakeholder engagement

You can see more of how we combine science with collaboration as we develop a forest conservation strategy here.

Our partners