Integrated Monitoring and Management

Picture of San Felipe Valley

Managing and monitoring the species and natural communities in the Multi-Species Conservation Plan’s (MSCP) reserve network in San Diego presents significant challenges to local land managers. Natural systems and populations that live within these areas are dynamic and respond to many environmental variables. Implementation of monitoring and management programs requires ongoing refinement based on analysis of data collected, improved scientific methodologies, prioritization and evaluation of management activities, and adaptive management actions. IEMM has contracted with SANDAG and the San Diego Management and Monitoring Program (SDMMP) to develop a framework for best addressing these issues. Work for this project will focus specifically on addressing how to 1) implement local (preserve-level) monitoring and regional trend monitoring, 2) implement cost-effective management actions guided by best available scientific information, and 3) monitor species, habitats, and ecosystem function at a broad regional scale. IEMM will work with land managers and SDMMP to identify key problems and concerns, collect and document all existing data, develop and update one centralized regional database, host workshops on refining management goals and objectives and developing effective management plans, and generate a conceptual model for understanding how monitoring can be directly linked with management.

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