Message from the directors

Since our inception, the IEMM has grown to over 20 affiliated scientists with a diverse portfolio of collaborative projects across San Diego County and beyond. We are excited about the opportunities we have had and continue to have participating in and conducting management and policy-relevant research with our partners.

IEMM also provides training opportunities for the next generation of scientists, giving them hands-on research experience and a strong background that enables them to address critical issues relevant to resource management, monitoring, and ecosystem health. We’re interested in developing new opportunities for practitioners and early career scientists, so please contact us if you or your organization is interested in learning more.

We look forward to establishing more collaborations and collaborative projects with new partners in the San Diego bioregion and beyond.

Rebecca Lewison, Ph.D.


Megan Jennings, Ph.D.


Diane Foote

Project Manager

Our Affiliated Scientists

At San Diego State University

Li An


Nicholas Barber


Jessica Barlow

Speech Language

Trent Biggs


Richard M. Gersberg

Public Health

Eunha Hoh

Public Health

Piotr Jankowski


Megan Jennings


Alicia Kinoshita

Water Resources Engineering

Rebecca Lewison


Sherry Ryan

Public Administration

Doug Stow


External Affiliates

Gregory Backus

University of California, Davis

Erin Conlisk

Point Blue Conservation Science

Jeff Crooks

Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve

Janet Franklin

University of California, Riverside

Amber Pairis

Climate Science Alliance

Helen Regan

University of California, Riverside

Isabel Rojas-Viada

Connecting Wildlands and Communities

Alexandra Syphard

Conservation Biology Institute

Alexandria Warneke

Climate Science Alliance

Katherine Zeller

US Forest Service

Past IEMM Scientists – Where are they now?