Community Partners, Affiliated Organizations, and Funders

The Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management is a targeted effort to strengthen the relationship between SDSU and greater Southern California conservation community.

IEMM works in collaboration with a diverse range of agencies and organizations to support science in service of monitoring and management.

Our partners and funders, who make our work possible, are listed below.

Climate Science Alliance

IEMM was a foundational partner of the Climate Science Alliance and Dr. Megan Jennings, who serves as an advisor to CSA. Our partnership is dedicated to the communication, translation, and co-production of climate science, working together to achieve meaningful, sustained engagement on efforts to advance climate adaptation across Southern California. 

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

IEMM and CDFW work collaboratively on a range of projects focused on science-based management and conservation of wildlife across Southern California. 

Tribal Working Group

IEMM collaborates with the Climate Science Alliance’s Tribal Working Group to support the efforts of our Indigenous partners. Together, we aim to safeguard the lands and cultures of Southern California’s Indian tribes from the threat of climate change through the integration of traditional ecological knowledge and western science.

Center for Regional Sustainability’s Sage Project

IEMM has partnered with the Sage Project at SDSU’s Center for Regional Sustainability. This partnership allows us to expand our reach to community partners and engage a wider range of faculty and students in our research efforts and science translation.


IEMM has provided scientific support to Caltrans for training and to assist with planning for wildlife connectivity and wildlife crossing infrastructure on transportation projects.

San Diego Association of Governments

IEMM participates in SANDAG’s Environmental Mitigation Working Group meetings and has provided scientific support to SANDAG to inform conservation planning and habitat management efforts across San Diego’s preserve network.

Southern California Association of Governments

IEMM participates in SCAG’s Natural and Farm Lands Working Group and has relied on SCAG participation in technical advisory groups we have convened. These technical groups focus on climate adaptation research efforts and solicit feedback on research objectives, data products, and adaptation strategy development.


IEMM has partnered with consulting firm AECOM to provide scientific guidance and analytical support to Caltrans on transportation projects to protect wildlife connectivity through wildlife crossing infrastructure planning.

Ascent Environmental

IEMM has partnered with consulting firm Ascent Environmental to provide climate resilience services to SANDAG through data sharing, scientific guidance, analytical support, and grant proposal development.

United States Forest Service

IEMM is collaborating with the USFS to support outreach and engagement efforts and expand partner networks for the development of a climate-informed conservation strategy to enhance resilience of Southern California’s montane forests.

Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, United States Geological Survey

IEMM collaborates with the USGS Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center to promote science-informed climate adaptation efforts across Southern California.

Other Affiliated Organizations


IEMM’s impactful science in service of monitoring and management would not be possible without the support of our funders:

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