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IEMM performs its mission of science in service of policy and management by linking SDSU scientists and resource managers in San Diego County and throughout Southern California. Drawing from extensive expertise across the SDSU campus, our objective is to provide expertise, technical knowledge and continuity of research that can contribute to efficient and effective use and management of ecological resources. By partnering with agencies and organizations, IEMM is working as a partner to address current challenges and issues regarding land and resource use.

Our affiliated scientists provide expertise and support in a wide range of areas including Wildlife monitoring, Invasive species mapping and treatment, Water quality monitoring and modeling, Sediment transport/erosion analyses, Hydrological prediction and watershed analyses, Habitat mapping and monitoring, Restoration (implementation, monitoring and evaluation), Recreational use surveys, Data reduction and analysis, Contaminant analyses, Geospatial technologies (remote sensing, GIS), Fire ecology (fuels, tracking, vegetation recovery), Urban ecology (urbanization, road construction, invasive species).