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Completed Projects

Habitat Use of Turtles in San Diego Bay

Green turtles are monitored using acoustic telemetry to investigate their spatial ecology in San Diego Bay, a highly urbanized coastal environment that serves as a year-round foraging area for this endangered species. The project will characterize both when and where turtles occur throughout the Bay in order to identify critical habitat, as well as to assess the potential for overlap between turtle habitat use and human activities. Ultimately, the goals of this study are to guide management and conservation efforts of this endangered species both in San Diego Bay and in other impacted coastal environments. two green turtles with lightweight tags attached to their carapaces
Green turtles are fit with lightweight acoustic tags so scientists can track their movements and habitat use in the Bay.

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Researcher standing on boat looking out over bay
IEMM scientists tracking green turtles at dawn on San Diego Bay.
two researchers in a boat
Brad MacDonald, a Masters student, listens for tagged turtles with a hydrophone.