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Completed Projects

Burrowing Owl Monitoring and Management in San Diego County

The project is designed as a comprehensive program to resolve critical uncertainties about the Burrowing Owl in southern San Diego County. The proposed work will also test the efficacy of habitat enhancement techniques for supporting populations that are sustainable in the long-term. This program will include evaluating many of the potential drivers of burrowing owl dynamics, with a focus on burrow availability, the role of ground squirrels as ecosystem engineers, prey availability, and the impact of vegetation and site factors such as soils and topography. This program has been designed as a collaborative effort to combine the respective areas of expertise of two partner organizations, the Institute for Ecological Modeling and Management at San Diego State University (IEMM at SDSU) and the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conservation Research (ICR). The goals of this project were developed in consultation with an interagency group of south county land managers, scientists, and regulators (US Fish and Wildlife Service, CA Department of Fish and Game, San Diego Management and Monitoring Program, IEMM, and ICR). Burrowing owl
Photo credit to Larry Moskovitz