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Developing Conceptual Models - Translating Knowledge into Action

On February 29, 2012 the IEMM convened a workshop that explored the utility and importance of conceptual models in support of adaptive management. The goal of the is workshop was to provide participants with an understanding of the importance and utility of conceptual models for management as well as provide first- hand experience with model construction and review.
Following a short plenary presentation that introduced the conceptual models and the model building process, participants spent the majority of the day in working groups. The working groups were tasked with developing conceptual models for 5 species or systems of conservation and management concern under the MSCP – thread-leaved brodiaea, California least terns, Hermes copper butterflies, California Coastal Sage Scrub and recreational trails and access control. Each group came away with specific take –home messages and emerging themes regarding how the models they developed could and should be used to inform management actions and address critical uncertainties.

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Conceptual Model Workshop