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Developing and Refining Goals & Objectives for Monitoring and Management: Building and implementing an integrated framework for monitoring and management in San Diego County

Improving the efficiency of monitoring and management in San Diego County is recognized as a high priority by SANDAG, the EMP Working Group, and the wildlife agencies. This workshop was the first in a series hosted by IEMM that brought together a diverse array of stakeholders in the MSCP to build consensus and common experience in effective monitoring and management. The focus of this first workshop was to take existing guidelines and templates that have been put forward for goals and objectives and to work as a group to identify what types of goals and objectives can be linked to measurable monitoring and management activities and outcomes. As part of the workshop, we worked in small groups to develop specific goals and objectives for a range of topics: 1) Rare and endemic species, 2) Corridors and connectivity for highly mobile wide ranging species, 3) Invasive species, 4) Stewardship management, education, and outreach, and 5) Ecosystem and natural communities.

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