The Fisheries and Climate Toolkit (FaCeT) is a bi-coastal platform that allows users to track fisheries-relevant physical and biological ocean features across multiple timescales to support climate-ready and sustainable fisheries.

FaCeT uses the fundamental principles of dynamic ocean management to develop innovative, transformative, and actionable science.

Conserving and managing life in the ocean

FaCeT is an ongoing NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting project that seeks to support climate-ready and sustainable fisheries practices targeted in Sustainable Development Goal 14. The FaCeT team is developing online products and applications to support climate-resilient fisheries. These tools and applications will:

  1. Visualize dynamic species and vessel distributions
  2. Track velocity and magnitude of change
  3. Change fishing portfolios
  4. Address and communicate climate uncertainty in fisheries

The spatial distributions of highly migratory species and fishing fleets are shifting in response to climate-driven changes, and there is growing concern of greater ecological and economic disruptions as climate impacts increase. Existing management and conservation strategies need to consider future climate impacts which can affect the sustainability of fisheries worldwide.

Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water

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FaCeT addresses two of the SDG 14 targets:

Target 14.2 aims to improve the management and protection of marine ecosystems and strengthen resilience to achieve healthy and productive oceans. In particular, we focus on Indicator (14.2.1), which is a measure the proportion of national exclusive economic zones using ecosystem-based management.

Target 14.4 aims for the effective regulation of harvesting and the implementation of science-based fish stock management plans. We address Indicator (14.4.1), which focuses on measuring the proportion of fish stocks within biologically sustainable levels, which we expand to include proportion of target and non-target fish stocks.

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FaCeT is a NASA-funded project

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