Completed Projects

Reducing Fisheries Bycatch

Bycatch, unintended capture in fishing gear, is a global problem for a wide range of species from sponges to sharks. Dr. Rebecca Lewison and colleagues Dr. Jeffrey Moore of NOAA, Dr. Peter Dillingham, Clark University and Dr. Alexandra Curtis, Acadia University are working to develop tools to help estimate sustainable levels of incidental mortality of non-target marine megafauna, such as marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles and sharks. This project, funded by the Lenfest Oceans Program, integrates existing megafauna bycatch data and species-specific demographic information to consider how the potential population-level effects of bycatch can be quantified. The project aims to work with an international working group composed of quantitative scientists, fisheries management and policy experts to develop necessary analytical decision-making tools for setting sustainable bycatch limits. harbor porpoise tangled in a gill net
catch from a trawling net      loggerhead turtle with long line hook in its mouth